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          Visit Austin has partnered with A+ Staffing to provide registration staffing for your upcoming conference.

          To learn more about A+ services, fees, and their available staff or to reserve your registration personnel, simply complete the online form to get the staffing process started:


          Staffing Assistance

          • A+ Staffing will provide well trained personnel who are courteous, computer savvy, enthusiastic, engaged and punctual
          • Minimum shift length is 4 consecutive hours
          • We recommend a supervisor for groups of 6 or more staff
          • Supervisors are required when 10 or more staff members are needed
          • Overtime rates apply after 40 hours in a Sunday through Saturday work week

          For additional questions, please contact Taryn Grisz with A+ Staffing
          P: 512-494-0100 | F: 214-357-0082

          For additional staffing resources, visit our directory.