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        1. GET A GIG IN AUSTIN

          Whether you're a musician passing through town or have been living in the Live Music Capital of the World® for a while, here are a few helpful links for both up-and-coming and established musicians looking to get a gig in Austin.

          Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
          Contact Michael Pennock, michael.pennock@austintexas.gov

          Austin City Limits Music Festival
          info@c3presents.com 512.478.7211

          Transmission Entertainment
          Local booking: rosa@transmissionentertainment.com 
          National booking: graham@transmissionentertainment.com

          Saxon Pub
          Dave Cotton, cottonaustin@aol.com 512.835.5997

          C3 Presents, info@c3presents.com 512.478.7211

          All entries must be made via sonic bids.

          Dave Cotton, cottonaustin@aol.com 512.835.5997

          Austin Music Office
          Visit Austin refers bands to conventions and meetings. To be considered, send links to your music to olozano@austintexas.org

          For a more comprehensive list of Austin music venues, explore our online Venue Guide.